Kohls Admin House Gui

Kohls Admin House Gui is a script (GUI) made by Anwarun, that lets you ban players, kick players, get admin automatically, noclip, and more. There are many GUIs (or maybe scripts) that feel like this GUI. Most people use this. This GUI/script was invented in an unknown date (in 2018 or 2019).


A black and green GUI that looks like a Windows window, with buttons that you can use on players or yourself, a bar used to enter the name of the players to kick, ban them, and more buttons.


  • When you see someone abusing admin, You can ban or kick them.
  • If the obby is difficult, or someone removed the reset pad or admin pads, or maybe made the obby impossible, you can use  "Get Admin" to gssible, you can noclip out of the obby by pressing.


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