Connecting glitch Edit

It's a glitch by stuffing someone's head as your stomach by doing so.

RobloxScreenShot20180426 122831167

Players connected to each other.

To do this, dog yourself with the :dog command, then creeper yourself (optional)

Make a player sit on you or sit on them, then punish yourself and the player, return the player to this normal look by saying :undog all and unpunish both of you aswell. This can be done to other players using the commands :dog all, :creeper all, :tp all me, :punish all, :uncreeper all, and :unpunish all

Welded Head Edit

To do this, freeze yourself, rename yourself, thaw yourself. This will make your head not moving.

Human CameraEdit

To do this, freeze yourself, then tp to someone. Your torso will only show. However, If you are far from players, You cannot see their chat nor their name if they are near you. This can be used to watch players.

Floating HeadEdit

To do this, Size yourself .4, then bighead, then :unsize. You can repeat the sizing.

Moving Land/Buildings Edit

To do this, say :gear me 79446473 and then say :btools me. Shoot the gun at a land and block and move the bullet wherever you want, and it will be moved in that exact spot.

Crashing Servers Edit

Servers can be crashed by using commands such as :swagify others/all or :explode others/all 

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