Kohl's Admin: Deleted Admin Commands Edit

The Moderators of Kohl's Admin house decided to remove a few commands due to massive abuse of them, or just because they decided that this command shouldn't be given to just a random player. Here are a list of some of the deleted commands!

Kidnap <me/others/random/all/username>

  • Admin <player/all/others>
  • Unadmin <players/all/others>
  • Btools <players/all/others>

Explanation of each one:

  • Kidnap <kohl> : This would make a van appear, with clowns inside. Then, they would kidnap you and drive you off, where you would get teleported to this game that makes you walk down dozens and dozens of flights of stairs. Why it was removed: It was found "disturbing," and also because it was basically another version of the <kick> command, which is reistricted to the moderators.
  • Admin/Unadmin <kohl> : This command is exacly what it does. IT grants either a player, others, or all admin, or unadmins them. This was removed because it was massively abused, and people kept on using these commands too much.
  • Btools <Kohl> : This command gives the player building tools. (Not F3X.) And allows them to copy, move, resize and delete blocks. This command was most likely removed because of the glitch that players would use with the Railrunner 5000 or people using the Unlock command and moving, deleting, and resizing body parts of other players.
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