A crashed server is a server that has been crashed by an abuser.

How to lag a server Edit


A user crashing the server; Made by Nico1352536465

You copy the command "swagify/explode all all all all all all", then, spam it in the chat as fast as you can. The other players will freeze and if they were walking, they will have the walking animation continue, but they will not move. After a second has passed, the game will freeze.

Things you can't do in a lagged server Edit

  • Take an admin pad.
  • Use the chat.
  • Use admin commands
  • Die in the obby.
  • Respawn normally.
  • move

Ways to prevent an abuser from lagging a server Edit

NOTE: You can not stop them if they paste it fast enough, but you can however combat it if they are slow at it.

You copy the command "reset <abuser>", then, spam it in the chat as fast as you can. This prevents the server from being crashed. You also can close your game to stop/avoid it too.

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