This is deprecated.
This command was deprecated/made unavailable in March 2020 and can no longer be executed by players.

Building Tools (also known as BTools) was a common command on Kohls Admin House. It was used for building things (mainly). It was also used for blocking up stuff (common). To get it, simply enter this command: btools plr. (Not :f3x me)

Delete tool Edit

This deletes buildings (especially in cases of abusing btools)

Abusive uses of BTools Edit

Sometimes, people use BTools to:

  • Build a wall at the end of the obby to trap the non-admins in it.
  • Block the entrance and the windows of the house with bricks to prevent the users from entering it.
  • Put a brick over the purple reset button or even the admin pads to prevent people from having admin.
  • Delete other people's structures to troll them, which may cause them to rage.
  • Do the trick of deleting the floor using both BTools and gears (Fixed because BTools are unavailable right now/were deprecated.)

Helpful uses of BTools Edit

Sometimes, people use BTools to:

  • Delete the first three abusive uses of building tools
  • Build a brick over the lava bricks in the obby to help people reach the admin commands.
  • Make the map less boring and more detailed.
  • Build a ladder to allow players to climb out of the obby.

Trivia Edit

  • If you unlock someone, you can use BTools on their body parts
  • However, if you move their head or, stretch their head, or torso too wide or too thin, this will kill the player.
  • BTools were deprecated/made unavailable in March 2020 to stop baseplate removal and other abuses.
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