All servers are broken at the moment due to a bug.
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 6.44.00 PM

A broken server. Notice the vandalism done on the server: House painted in all pink, destroyed, spammed building blocks (such as trusses, etc), Night time mode, White things on the roof, etc.

A broken server (also known as vandalism) is a type of server on Kohls Admin House. These usually have the baseplate flipped, admin pads, or reset pads, also baseplate removed, or the obstacles in the obby where the spawn is, causing people who join to die immediately. This is caused by numerous glitches. Those are very common servers because the normal servers became rare, and most of them are full, common servers can only be rarely found while a new server is created, or scrolling down the end of the servers page.

Ways to break/vandalize a server Edit

Brokenserver obbyside

The house on a broken server (the baseplate is flipped) from the front side.

  • You could also use the Rail Runner 5000 and shoot any part in the server and then use the Building Tools and select the one that says "Move" then move it far away. (This glitch is removed.) Flipping/Removing the baseplate: You need a taxi (removed), or some vehicle to do this, on YouTube, there are many tutorials to do that. They sometimes found not working because they are clickbait.
  • Painting everywhere: To do this, you must have admin, and say ":gear me 18474459", you get the paint bucket, and you will get to paint anywhere you want, (Like the kill lines, house, etc).
Brokenserver adminside

The house on a broken server (the baseplate is flipped) from the back side.

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