Abusive gears are gears that are used to crash or vandalize the server. You can confiscate the abuser's gear by using the :removetools command.

Chaotic gearsEdit

These gears are used to ruin, vandalize or damages or flood a server.

  • The Red Convertible (Formerly the Taxi) was used to flip the map sideways causing people to fall to their deaths in a loop. They used Building Tools to copy a wheel and then use it to flip the map. Has been broken due to ROBLOX updates I believe :D
  • The Crossbow of the Sea is used to spawn water around the server. The water is supposed to disappear seconds after you spawned it, but if you do the :removetools command before the water vanishes, the water will stay.
  • The Paint Bucket is used to change the map's colors.
  • The Rail Runner 5000 is used in conjunction with BTools to move important parts of the map. You can fire a rail with it into the ground and move it far away, causing everyone to die repeatedly.

Deadly gearsEdit

These gears are used to kill a lot of players or even spawnkill them.

  • The sword is the most common deadly gear used since you don't need a gear code to have it, you can simply use the :sword command. Users will sometimes go to the start of the lava jump obby and will spawnkill them with it.
  • The Zombie Staff spawns 5 zombies and they will try to kill everyone except the one who summoned them, but they disappear after a while.
  • The Super Rocket Launcher shoots 5 rockets and has powerful explosions, they easily kill other users.
  • The Airstrike will call a fighter jet and it will drop bombs into the spot where you clicked on.
  • Any other melee, ranged or explosive weapon is used to kill people.

Useful gearsEdit

Although most gears are used to cause chaos or kill people, some gears can be useful to stop them.

  • The Hyperlaser Gun and it's red and blue variants can be used to delete jails, simply shoot a laser on them and they will disappear. It is especially useful when a jail is placed on the admin reset pad.
  • Although the aforementioned Rail Runner 5000 is mostly used for abuse, it can be used to help. You can remove the walls of the spawn so people who join can skip the obby entirely and get admin immediately.
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