Abusing commands can get you on the abusive players list. You have been warned.

Abusing commands are commands considered by others to be abusive or annoying. When using them on other players it might cause them to get angry at you and/or might cause them to act back and use those commands on you.

However, if you use them on yourself they're not considered as annoying or abusive.

Abusive/annoying CommandsEdit

There are four main abusive commands on Kohls Admin House:

  •  :kill (others/all)
  • :punish (others/all)
  • :jail (others/all)
  • :freeze (others/all)
  • :explode (others/all) - unless if you do :ff (others/all)
    dog (others/all)
    skill (others/all)

How to counter them:

  • The :god and :ff commands cannot stop the :kill command. However, if you type the :reset command quickly before respawning, the players will come back to life without respawning to the start, instead they will respawn on the same spot they were before dying.
  • To stop the :punish command, simply use the :unpunish command.
  • The :ff command will prevent you from dying when the :explode command is used. However, the :god command won't protect you. Again, if you die after the explosion, type the :reset command quickly before respawning.
  • To stop the :jail command, either use the :unjail command or the :removejails command to delete all jails.
  • To stop the :freeze command, simply use the :thaw or :unfreeze command.

Even though those five commands are considered abusive and annoying, any command used on others without their permission is considered annoying, with the exception of:

  • :btools (others/all) Btools has been removed as of March 2020 (view)
  • :gear (others/all)

The NO U COMMANDS is the nickname given to a number of commands that can potentially crash (Most the time it will just lag the server) servers if they're executed fast enough. Those commands

  •  :swagify all
  •  :clip all
  • any command that adds an instance

These commands will crash the server itself but they won't effect any player on the server. However, they're still considered to be annoying and abusive.

Those commands can NOT be countered. Doing any of these commands can help if the other person is slow. But if a person was to really go fast it can lag the server. They however can be countered with those two commands to prevent the server from crashing (if executed fast enough):

  • :respawn (others/all)
  • :reset all (others/all)

Using those counter commands will prevent the server from crashing (if executed on time), but overall they'll prevent anyone from playing normally until the other abuser will leave.

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