Abusers are players who use their admin powers to disrupt other players' activities.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Spamming commands such as ":kill all", ":kill others", ":explode all", ":explode others", ":punish all/others" and so on.
  • Preventing non-perm admin players from getting to the admin pads.
  • Destroying the server with the rail gun gear and btools.

Abusers may be stopped if they are "temporary" admins by resetting the admin pads and quickly punishing (with :punish user) the abuser in question, preventing them from reaching the admin pad and regaining admin status. However, a perm admin will be near impossible to stop. The only way to get them to stop is to wait for them to leave.

If you are not sure who is doing what, say :logs and you will see what commands people are doing and who is doing them.

Exploiters Edit

Exploiters in the abusers part of players would do stuff like making the baseplate removed and make all the players fall endlessly or to remove the entire GameFolder. Solution:

  • Use fly to be under the players spawn.
  • Use freeze to freeze your player.
  • Use size 10 to make the ice bigger (do not do it where it's too close to spawn).
  • Use unlock me for the next step.
  • Use clone me.
  • Use BTools to copy the ice on the clone.
  • Then you have a piece of ice to use as a baseplate for the game so perm admin players can somewhat stay in the server and play with you.

You will not have anything else if they remove the GameFolder, if they do happen to remove the GameFolder stuff like the obby and admins pads with regen is damage to the server. (lava blocks can be brought back from an exploiter being clever enough to get parts to be lava via part/3/3/10 and making a .Touched:connect(function() to make it kill players)

Exploiters could also ban/kick players or make the game crash.

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